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Newsletter Feb 2022

Dan Sweet | Published on 2/7/2022

Greetings members and friends,


The club has been active on several fronts, and we have a brief update for you. We meant to get this out sooner, but the trails have been so good lately that we just found ourselves “out of office”. Maybe the kids spinning flips on their snowboards on the TV every night has put a dent in our productivity as well. Here goes:


Our new trail work trailer:

We are procuring a trailer for use in storing and transporting our trail building tools. Supply chain issues have slowed us down, but we have hope now that it will be in place in the next month or two. The trailer is made possible by generous donations, and we may have grant funding from Mendocino Community Network as well.


JSDF Rec Task Force:

The Task Force met on January 18th and toured areas around EOP and the Woodlands. Nick Taylor is our club representative on the task force, and both Myke Berna and Dan Sweet have also been attending meetings.


At EOP, CAL-FIRE would like to post a map of the sanctioned trails at a kiosk, perhaps at the entrance to Russian Gulch. In that area we discussed options for road/trail abandonment within Jiro’s playground that could lead to new trail. 


In the Woodlands we discussed options for also moving some trails off skid roads in the upper area of the Eagle’s Roost to Steam Donkey track. The approach in both Jiro’s and Woodlands is to offer a high-quality single-track experience with less disruption from future THPs that may make use of the forest service roads. All the discussion on Jiro’s and the Woodlands is very preliminary and we will keep you posted as things progress.


Club website:

We are working on a transition of the club website to a new platform, and plan to unveil the new site this Spring. We know that there are navigation issues and stale content on the existing site, and we anticipate that we will be able to offer a much more enjoyable and functional site for the club.


Casper Classic:

The Casper Classic is on this year! We are negotiating route access with JSDF and plan to host the race on Labor Day weekend.


Current Club Board Members:

Dan Sweet – President

Jake Madden – Vice President

Jason Hurst – Treasurer

May Martin – Secretary

Nick Taylor – Trail Boss

Erin Alvey  – Communications Co-Chair

Myke Berna – Communications Co-Chair




Dan Sweet