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Caspar Classic - Woodlands Edition

This year's Caspar Classic will run on Sunday, September 3rd. We will doing the exact same course as last year through the Woodlands. You can register, or sign up to volunteer, on the club's website Caspar Classic Woodlands Edition - 9/3/2023 You can see more photos and information at the Caspar Classic MTB Race Facebook page, where you can contact Jake Madden, our Caspar Classic event organizer, through Messenger or WhatsApp if you would like more information.

Route 2023

The race start is at the yellow gate at top of road 720, just off Little Lake Road. 

About 800 feet of road to jockey for position before hitting single track and heading up the short punchy climb to the top of Endo. Endo transitions to OhNo across short Fire road (good place to pass if you are right on top of someone). OhNo down (be aware of ramp with ride around near bottom). Rd. 720 crossing to top of Boiler. Rip down Boiler to bottom of 720. Fire road for slightly less than a mile to the bottom of Forest History that turns into Cookhouse at the flagged intersection . This is a long sustained climb with some opportunities for passing. Get ready for a super flowy Observation Trail (OT) when you get to the top of the climb at the Rd. 408 intersection. Drop OT (and climb) until you get to the bottom at the next road crossing. Ride Confusion Trail (tight twisty and a sharp contrast to the flow of OT) and finally climb Gas Cap to finish the race or a lap.